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Mission Statement: Playing a pivotal role in the reintroduction of high quality, organically grown foods that will ensure a healthier and more fulfilling life for the On^yote?aka, and being the facilitators of positive dietary and nutritional change.

The title of our program tsyunhehkw^, is from the Oneida language, and a loose translation stands for "Life Sustenance."

Tsyunhehkw^ is an Agricultural Community and Culturally based program of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. Our Agricultural component is located at 139 Riverdale Drive, on a Certified Organic 83-acre site. Our program is founded on Self Sustainability, and service for the Oneida Nation and the Community. Our entire operation and services are open to the public. We have three main components, Agriculture, Cannery and Retail. Our primary focus is on Self-Sustainability and food security. Our staff of 13 people works to meet our Community’s needs and our goals. However, we could not accomplish this without the support and help of the Oneida Nation, our community and friends.

We would like to tell you a little about our program, tsyunhehkw^ and what our responsibilities are toward our White Corn. For you to understand the role and responsibilities we have with our Traditional Iroquoian White Corn we have to explain a portion of our Creation Story.

Jeff Metoxen, Manager
P.O. Box 365
Oneida, WI 54155
(920) 869-2141 ~ Office
(920) 869-2147 ~ Fax


 Agricultural and Manager
139 Riverdale Drive
Oneida WI 54155
(920) 869 - 2718 Agriculture   
(920) 869 - 2147 Ag Fax
N7210 Seminary Road
Oneida, WI 54155
(920) 869 - 4379 Cannery   
Retail Store
Ridgeview Plaza Suite 8
3759 West Mason
Oneida, WI 54155
(920) 497 - 5821 Retail
(920) 497 - 5804 Retail Fax

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