The Oneida Community Integrated Food Systems (OCIFS) group is here as a team
to help families by housing a community food system that will include traditional
food products and help create a local economy that will provide jobs, and promote
and encourage long term solutions to farm and nutrition issues on the Oneida

The OCIFS group is tirelessly working to improve the Oneida Nations quality of food,
educating them about food related health risks, increasing employment and youth
opportunities, and assisting in bringing people closer together around food. 
Some of OCIFS projects have been:
Annual Youth Day on the Farm - taking the 6th grade class to various agricultural operations.
Food Film Series - educate the community about the correlation in food, nutrition & health.
Farm to School - utilize the Oneida 4-H club as a Food Buyers group for Oneida schools.
Farm to School Evaluations - part of a 2 year project evaluating effectiveness.
Growing Gardeners Workshops - host gardening workshops each spring for the community.
Oneida Farmers Market - have vendor activities each week.
Youth Entrepreneur project - have youth harvest, process & market various nutritional products.
OCIFS Activity Book - used as a learning tool at area elementary schools (food, health & culture).


 OCIFS Gift Box

 OCIFS brings you beautifully crafted old-time wooden gift boxes
filled with LOCALLY and ORGANICALLY produced food products.
Priced for any budget!

 Large OCIFS gift box                                  Small OCIFS gift box

Gift boxes are available in two sizes and are "tastefully" arranged with
products grown and prepared by the Oneida Apple Orchard, Oneida
Nation Farm, and Tsyunhehkwa's own Oneida Cannery.

The gift boxes can be found at the Oneida Market located on the corner
of Packerland Drive and Larsen Road at 501 Packerland Drive in
Green Bay, WI. The Oneida Market also has plenty of other fantastic
items to choose from so stop on down today.

Oneida Market products       Oneida Market inside gate 
The store is open Monday - Friday from 7am to 7pm and on Saturday and
Sunday from 9am to 5pm. For more information please call 920-496-5127

OCIFS Contact information:
Chairman, Jeff Metoxen, Tsyunhehkwa Director - or 920-869-2141
Vice Chair, Jeff Scofield, Agricultural Director - or 920-833-7952
Member, Don Miller, Food Distribution Director - or 920-869-1041
Member, Tina Jacobsen, Health Promotion Supervisor - or 920-490-3927
Member, Jesse Padron, School Food Service Director - or 920-869-4454
Member, Angela Parks, Retail Manager - or 920-496-7309
Member, Jill Caelwaerts, Dietician - or 920-869-4853


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