OCIFS Gift Box

 OCIFS brings you beautifully crafted old-time wooden gift boxes
filled with LOCALLY and ORGANICALLY produced food products.
Priced for any budget!

 Large OCIFS gift box                                  Small OCIFS gift box

Gift boxes are available in two sizes and are "tastefully" arranged with
products grown and prepared by the Oneida Apple Orchard, Oneida
Nation Farm, and Tsyunhehkwa's own Oneida Cannery.

The gift boxes can be found at the Oneida Market located on the corner
of Packerland Drive and Larsen Road at 501 Packerland Drive in
Green Bay, WI. The Oneida Market also has plenty of other fantastic
items to choose from so stop on down today.

Oneida Market products       Oneida Market inside gate 
The store is open Monday - Friday from 7am to 7pm and on Saturday and
Sunday from 9am to 5pm. For more information please call 920-496-5127
or email us at Cmeltz@oneidanation.org. HAPPY SUMMER & HEATHLY EATING

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