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The DOT has partnered with Oneida for 74 acre wetland mitigation on North County Rd U south of Shady Lane.  For more information click here. 

 County U mitigation
Check out the On^yote?a ka Lake Page for new information about our newest Natural Area!  

 Here are the rules for Oneida Lake     

 Lake Rules 2   2015 guide

Click here for the 2015 Natural Areas & Trails Guide  

 Guide books are available at Environmental offices in

 Little Bear Development Center, 7332 Water Circle Place, Oneida

 and at Oneida Conservation offices N8047 North County Rd U, Oneida during normal business hours.



Check out the Culturally Significant Plants of the Oneida Nation of WI Web Book!  

Click the following link to explore 184 plants and trees of Oneida in the   Web Plant Book  

cultural plants online book  

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Our Division is the provider of services that preserve, restore and enhance our environment, and protect and educate it's people consistent with the culture, vision and priorities of the Oneida Nation.

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