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From the Principal

 As we begin this school year our student body has grown since last year. Our extra-curricular programs of Football and Volleyball have enjoyed the success of competition.  We have added a new program for sophomore students; the Computer Integrated manufacturing Lab is a special class that is offered from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC).  Every Thursday afternoon as you travel past the Norbert Hill Center you will see the mobile lab parked out front of the High School.  The lab is a state of the art facility and allows the student the opportunity to earn up to four college level credits as well as a head start on potential career exploration in a high tech industry.  This special program was possible with the grant assistance of our JOM Parent Committee.  Their support provides the high school with an affordable solution to provide these introductory courses in industrial technology that otherwise would not be possible.

This offering serves well to demonstrate our commitment to exploring ways to improve our academic elective programming.  Additionally, we also have some of our seniors enrolled in courses out at UWGB this fall semester, which also provides them a head start toward their career path even before they graduate high school.  This also provides the students a taste of academic expectations even before they start their college experience. It is our hope that this path will build confidence and orientation to assist in the adjustment to college performance for each student.

We are excited about the many opportunities that are ahead of us as a learning family, this school year.  We started the school year with a collective goal of improving our performance in the classroom with the vision that together we will be prepared and ready for each day.  It is also our goal that a new High School will be constructed in the coming years which will strengthen our community and further increase our positive efforts in educational performance.  We look forward to a school year of improvement one day at a time! 

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