Nuisance Wildlife

Do you have pesty critters around your house and want to get rid of them?

Conservation staff will assist in the removal of any non-domesticated wildlife species from residential homes owned by enrolled Oneida Tribal members who live within the reservation boundaries.  The Conservation Department also assists with the removal of nuisance animals from Tribal Departments and Buildings. 

Removal Process

This is done with the use of live traps, as to avoid unnecessary death to the animal that is being removed. Once the animal is trapped, it is then released in a safe location where it will be able to run freely.  When contacting the Conservation Department please provide a brief description of the animal, time(s) of activity, number(s) observed and location/type of area the animal may be using.

Nuisance Animals


Conservation staff can assist in the removal
of raccoons, opposums, squirrels, skunks,
weasels, mink, fox, coyote, woodchucks,
muskrats, etc.... 



Oneida Conservation Department
Phone: (920) 869-1450
Fax: (920) 869-2743