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Health & Industrial Services

N7332 Water Circle Place Oneida, Wisconsin, 54155 ~ Phone (920) 869-1600 Fax ~ (920) 869-1610

We will protect community and employee health through education and compliance. We will be empowered, and a family and culturally focused department.

Air Quality
~Public outreach programs
~Emissions inventory
~ Research air qualtiy

Industrial Hygiene
~Indoor air quality
~Chemical hazards

Environmental Health
~Food safety classes
~Private well sampling
~Pet safety program
~Restaurants, parks, and pool inspection
~Farmer's Market

Occupational Safety
~Employee training
~Safety inspections
~Complaint investigations
~Program evaluation

 Pollution Prevention
~Monitor residential waste/recycle collection
~Illegal dumping investigation
~Household Clean Sweep



~Disposal information

~Green Cleaning

Injury Prevention

~Community education and events
~Injury data and collection
~Seat belt surveys
~Preventing injuries in the community

For more information contact Jeff Mears, Environmental Area Manager at (920) 869-4555.