N7332 Water Circle Place Oneida, Wisconsin, 54155 ~ Phone (920) 869-1600 Fax ~ (920) 869-1610

 Watershed and Wildlife Habitat Restoration
~Provide technical & financial assistance to the Oneida Farm, Tsyunhehkwa,& other farmers who lease tribal agricultural land
~Assist in the restoration of land back into natural areas, wetlands, forests and grasslands
~Administer several conservation grants and programs

 Community Environmental Projects

~Provide assistance for sustainable practices; energy conservation, renewable energy, recreation, green buildings, community design, and demolition recycling
~Encourage natural landscaping and stormwater management around tribal buildings


 Community Outreach and Education

~Conduct training on cultural plants for the community
~Maintain and improve community cultural garden at the Cutural Heritage Depertment
~Inventory tribal properties for cultural plants

For more information about the Eco-Services Program contact Michael Finney, Director at (920) 869-4576