2011 Map of Trails and Natural Areas

Enjoy, Explore and Embrace Oneida! View and print our map featuring the Oneida Reservations 14 parks, 19 trails and 9 natural areas.  Included on the map are a legend denoting the features and allowed activities of all trails and natural areas.  Explore the natural wonders of our land, find your favorite fishing hole, and discover nature on walking and biking trails.  Tribal lands are for the exclusive use of Oneida Tribal Members. Contact Sylvia Cornelius at 869-4570 or to recieve a foldable map on heavy duty paper. 


Natural Areas Trail Guide
The natural resources of the Oneida Nation are a valued and essential component to our people and their distinct way of life.  The use of the parks, trails, and natural areas provide a prime opportunity to promote an active lifestyle and enjoy the natural world.  The protection and enhancement of the natural resources is one of the Nation's highest priorities for our community and future generations.  With this in mind, the Nation would like to "Invite Our People Back to Our Land" and experience the interaction with nature, new respect for the land, and knowledge of the existing environmental communities.